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  1. Plastic Bottle Brush Tree
  2. Stoneware Holy Family with LED Light
  3. Color Filament Tube Bulb
  4. Rainbow Woven Light Cord w/Brass Escutcheon
  5. Metal Table Top Lamp with Metal Shade
  6. Handmade Paper Pendant Lamp with Fabric Stripes
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  7. Handmade Paper Pendant Lamp
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  8. Handmade Paper Pendant Lamp with Fabric
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  9. Table Lamp with Mudcloth Pattern Shade
  10. Barrel & Ball Sconce with Cord & Plug
  11. Screen Hanging Light
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  13. Hand Woven Rattan Pendant Lamp
  14. Terra Column Lamp
  15. Rustic White Metal Pendant Light
  16. Drum Pendant Light With Fabric Shade
  17. Wire Weave Pendant
  18. Square Iron Bar Pendant Light
  19. Metal Wall Light With Antique Brass Finish
  20. Floor Lamp With Antique Gold Leaves Detail
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  21. Tear Drop Pendant Lamp With Rust Finish
  22. Round Double Layered Woven Fiber & Metal Pendant Light
  23. Wall Mirror With Two Lights
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  24. Antique Brass Wall Lamp With Caged Glass Shade
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  25. Clear Fluted Glass Antique Brass Pharmacy Pendant Light With Rope